Product Lines

We understand the importance in top quality products and service that doesn't stop until you're 100% satisfied. All products are boxed, crated, and wrapped to protect and make for seamless delivery.



We supply your specific needs. Fresh? Frozen? Brand name? International product? Our 20+ years experience in purchasing gives us an advantage that ensures value on every purchase.




We supply every item under the sun. From regular kitchen utensils, 220V rice cookers, to a bed mattress. We’ll deliver what you order.






We supply big or small, all the while handling the customs requirements. We understand the luxury of these items and make sure this delivery is in time with all other items.



Deck and Engine

We supply every item by using both ISSA & IMPA purchasing guides. Our 25+ years experience in this area leaves no room for mediocrity. We work hard to communicate with vessel and offices to secure samples, pictures, etc in order to supply the exact product.




We supply all safety items that enable your vessel to pass inspection. We understand the high demands in this area and can provide these items with virtually no turn around.




We supply all standard items such as pencils and paper. We also adhere to all of your growing technological needs. Our staff is trained in the technological arena and equipped to purchase items that stretch from printing cartridges to GPS Tracking systems.